About Us

    Takeover is a for profit business founded in 2020 as a break off from Clutch Takeover. It was originally a social media app that would be used to interact between friends. As the three original founders evolved, so did the core meaning of the company. Algernon Lee noticed a need for self empowerment and the idea of changing the world through apparel was birthed. The name Takeover was chosen with the concept of changing the world through clothing, accessories and visual art. Algernon Lee serves as the owner and Chief Operating Officer CEO of Takeover. The brand currently has two separate entities; clothing and Youtube. The purpose of the Youtube channel is to give the community an audible voice while the clothing serves as a visual voice. Takeover plans to be a voice of the community creating leaders for the future with style and fashion. Through the two outlets, Takeover plans to be a change to depression, suicide, and domestic violence.